Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vote for Project Reconstruction Competition

In the current edition of current Viva La Moda magazine, Penelope Red designs has been featured in a competition: Project Reconstruction. I have more details about my Project Reconstruction design in a previous blog entry.

Take a look at the current Viva La Moda magazine online, and it is free.

Above are the competition details, and they can be viewed in a larger font by visiting the magazine website: current Viva La Moda magazine

I need as many people as possible to vote for my design, so I will be featured in the next issue- it would be great to receive the publicity! So please vote for me!

I have placed a copy of the pages from the magazine that feature my entry into the competition- the Penelope Red Collared Stripe Halter Top. These pages can be found in Viva La Moda magazine on pages 47 to 49.

Please vote for my design!

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