Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Penelope Red Pink Summer Kimono

Introducing the latest Penelope Red style, the Pink Summer Kimono! It has been handmade from a 100% polished cotton, featuring a bright coloured print of flowers, paisley and marbling. The colours include pink, yellow, red, blue, purple, white and more.

I have taken many photos of this style, and I wanted to show you a few more than the five etsy allows, so here they are.

The back ,above, with the belt tied around the waist; the below photo showing the back when the belt is left loose.

The back has several pleats above and below the waistband, which is shown in the below photo. I have sold several kimono's (in other prints) at the markets, and the back pleating is usually one of the aspects of this design that people love. It really makes it easy to wear, as you don't need to arrange the pleating yourself- the garment already has it.

Above and below shows the inside of the garment. I always like to make sure the inside is as neat as the outside!

It truly is a simple style to wear; pair it with jeans and some chunky jewellery to go shopping; wear some skinny black pants and heels for a night out; cute shorts will make this style versatile for a lazy summers afternoon at the beach! As it is 100% cotton, you could also use it instead of a sarong- it is a light fabric, so it will dry quickly, and no need for adjusting and re-tying it all the time (like we do to those sarongs)!

Take a look at the Pink Summer Kimono style in the Penelope Red etsy shop


  1. Thanks! I sold one of them today too, at the markets. So I will be making more of these for sure!

  2. This is SO beautiful, and i love its versatility.

  3. Yes, the colours and print is definitely your style, and the versatility of it makes it easy for anyone to wear. I hope this will be a popular style online, and at the markets!