Thursday, May 13, 2010

Discovered: Nikki Catalano

So I have decided to create a new segment in my blog: "Discovered" in which I feature an artist/designer/etc who I have found recently....

Love Birds (mounted) Large
by Nikki Catalano

A friend and I visited Finders Keepers Markets last Saturday, and along with many talented designers and artists, I found these amazing illustrations by Australian designer, Nikki Catalano.

Circus (Mounted) Med by Nikki Catalano

I thought they were so sweet, original, and have a little innocence about them which I guess is what attracted me to them... kind of like "looking at the world through rose tinted glasses".

Bluebirds (Mounted) Med
by Nikki Catalano

All of the colour combinations are just gorgeous, and her prices range from $7USD for a pack of three cards, to $46USD for a large mounted print of her art work.

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