Friday, May 7, 2010

Art Gallery of NSW: Archibald Prize and others

Yesterday, I visited the Art Gallery of NSW, to view the Archibald Prize.

I always enjoy this exhibition as you don't have to be an experienced art connoisseur or a psychoanalyst to get what is going on in the painting.

Please note the next three photographs are from the Archibald Prize website. You can view all of the finalists on this website.

The first one, is actually my favourite. By Yi Wang, "Bishop Elliott and Lady Jacqueline".

I guess I liked the story behind it. Wang had first envisaged painting the Bishop in a very formal position, but he wasn't getting the right feel for it. Then when they had lunch together, they were relaxed, and he got to see the Bishop's humorous and witty side, as well as his pet cat, Lady Jacqueline. Ok, so I do have a soft spot for cat's as well, but I think it is interesting to see the other world- the private world- in which the Bishop lives.

The second artwork: By Nafisa, "Glenn in black & white". This is the Winner of the Packing Room Prize. This is quite a big artwork, and once you see it in real life, you get to see all of the detail involved. Worthwhile to go and have a look if you get the chance.

Third artwork: By Sam Leach, "Tim Minchin". This is the Winner of the Archibald Prize. This is quite a small artwork, especially compared to all the others, but the detail is so tiny, that it really is a beautiful piece. It is painted on wood, and then has had resin applied, so when you look at it at first glance, it almost looks like it is made from a tile. I had never really seen this until yesterday, but then I realsied that there were quite a few artists that had used this technique. (shows you how often I get to visit the art galleries!)

The next few photos below, are photos which I have taken...

This next piece is quite amazing... "The Mild-Eyed Melancholy of the Lotus Eaters III 2009-10" by Raqib Shaw.

I LOVE the colours, the detail, the craziness of the whole thing! The photo above and below is just some of the detail of the whole artwork. The colours were intense, and diamantes were added to make it sparkle! It is placed in the foyer of the gallery. These colours and intensity will help to inspire me for my spring/summer collection!

It was such perfect weather in Sydney yesterday! Not a cloud in the sky. I still wore one of favourite winter outfits though- my Penelope Red Tailored Winter Dress, my new boots, and my new hat. I love winter fashion- it is always so glamorous!

I am looking forward to some of the coming exhibitions that will be at Art Gallery of NSW: Victorian Visions, Paths to Abstraction, etc.

Be sure to visit the gallery before the Archibald is leaves on the 30th May 2010.

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