Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Penelope Red Tailored Winter Dresses

I finally have made more of my Penelope Red Tailored Winter Dresses. This new design is made from three different fabrics; the black is a textured 100% wool jacquard, the check is black and ivory- a vintage wool I have had for a while, the third fabric is a beautiful white/ivory silk that my Aunt gave to me- they all look so beautiful and striking in this design!

I will be placing more photos of this dress on the blog, including perhaps making a video of the making of this dress. We'll see if I have the time!

For now, I have included in this post a few variations of the same idea. These are all my Winter Tailored Dresses. The designs have used either a very similar pattern, or the exact same pattern- all being created in completely different fabrics.

This was a custom order. We picked out the fabrics together- doesn't the blue look so lovely against her skin tone!

Above, I have used a gorgeous antique yellow lace, made from wool. This is one of my personal dresses, and I love wearing it to special events and functions as it is so different- a real head turner! I wore this again, just over a month ago to a musical.

Above is the Silk Road Winter Tailored Dress, made from three very distinct fabrics. This is available to purchase at the Rocks Markets.

I last wore this dress (yes, this is another of my personal winter dresses!) to the city, when I visited the Art Gallery. Four complete strangers commented on my dress- always a sign that it is a good design!

I wore the Black and Cream Winter Dress to a wedding this past weekend, and it was a definite hit! I love this dress! It is so stylish, but so pretty.

For enquiries into ordering your own Penelope Red Winter Tailored Dress, please email me :


  1. Hi Penelope,
    I have just checked out your winter dresses blog a bit late now being summer, but already inspired me to discuss this with you in next winter, they are truly amazing and gorgeous so one is going to go on my ever growing Penelope Red wish list. Your such a talent. cheers Lorelle

  2. Hi Lorelle,

    I had a feeling you would love this design! I already have this design in a size 12, in the black and white version... so next time you visit, I will show you. It will beautiful for next winter- they are truly unique and glamorous! Thanks for the encouragement as always! Penelope