Monday, August 29, 2011

A new design: A Penelope Red Pleated Wrap Knit Dress

A week ago, I was in a design slump... I wasn't feeling very creative after having spent so much time on the computer! I needed to get enthusiastic and excited again, and my hubby, being the supportive and encouraging guy that he is, suggested, "Remember that fabric I bought for you from San Francisco? Why don't you make something that is just for you?"

I had been thinking of a wrap around dress out of the printed silk jersey fabric he gave me, and the dress pictured in these photos is what I came up with!

It is such a stunning fabric, and the print suited the dress perfectly. The print was arranged in panels, so there was a border or stripe running across it every 90cm. I had to be very careful how I create the pattern, otherwise I would have a stripe running across my body in a very unflattering position!

So I used the stripes as contrast on the dress- a stripe going down the side front; ties that go around the waist; and the cuff on the sleeve. It also features pleats at the shoulder, on the front skirt panel and the centre back top panel.

My husband bought the jersey knit red floral printed fabric over a year ago, when he was in San Francisco. I had asked him to visit a shop that had FOUR floors of fabric, which I had found previously. He knows how to win my heart!

I think I might make a short sleeved version of this wrap around dress for Spring, in a red and contrast. I also hope to find a suitable print- as this dress is so beautiful in a print.

I wore this dress out for the first time on Saturday night, and it made me feel like a million dollars! I can't wait to wear it again!

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  1. Hey Penny love it! it looks fabulous, glad you have a nice something just for yourself, hope you wear it on the 6th, would love one in red, will put my order in sweetie, I'm loving everything your coming up with for the show! So exciting xxx