Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Making of a Penelope Red Corset

I love wearing my Penelope Red corsets! They are so feminine, sexy and command attention- they make me feel like a million dollars!

Whenever I wear them out, many people ask me questions like: How long do they take to make? How do you make them? What do you make them out of?

(Above, me dancing at a club in Sydney, wearing the Pink Victorian Corset)

While I am not prepared to give away all of my secrets, I thought I would show you exactly the kind of work involved in making each one of these corsets...

First, I need to make the pattern. I use a standard size 10 block, then I create my own design using my unusual design lines- that everyone seems to love so much! Once I am happy, I then need to 'grade' each pattern piece to create the different sizes- all of this can take a couple of days.

I need to then cut out each layer- that's FOUR layers: Main fabric, interfacing, interlining (where the boning sits), and lining.

On the Pink Victorian Corset, I also have an extra layer on the side panels, which has been crazy patch-worked together; so I need to sew each seam, iron out the seams flat, then cut out these pieces again!

Once I have attached the interfacing to the main fabric, I can start sewing the pieces together.

I need to sew all of the pieces together for each layer: Main, interlining and lining.

After this, I need to then layer each seam, clip and trim; this means each seam will lie flat when pressing.

I then apply the boning to the interlining.

A line of pink lace is applied to each of the outer seams on the side panels of the corset.

Once I have prepared the ruffle, I attach this to the top edge, and I then sew through the Main layer and Interlining layer to attach the boning.

I like to make as secure as possible lacing loops, so I use a plaited cord and I zig-zag over the ends a few times.

The Penelope Red label must be added to the lining!

The lining is then attached to the other layers, then I must trim and clip again.

Once the corset is turned out, I then make a top-stitching line around the entire corset edge.

The corset is finished once I have laced it up!

As you can tell, there is A LOT of work involved in making these! As much as I sometimes get overwhelmed with the work, I can't deny how good they look on the women who wear them; and I am proud to say that they are a Penelope Red design!

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  1. Hi Penelope, This is the picture my firend looked at and said you look like a model in the pink corset, you look hot honey, anyway the Barcelona corset is going on my ever growing Penelope Red wish list. cheers lorelle