Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ms. Red Flashback Part 2: photos of my work from previous years.

A few days ago, I added some photos of my work from previous years (part 1). I had a few positive comments from a some friends and customers, so I thought I might continue to add more "Ms. Red Flashbacks".

Above, the model wears the Summer Brights Corset and Bright Green Flared Pants.

I always loved creating flared pants and corsets, but the Be My Baby Dress above was a completely new style for me when it came out. A very 60's inspired style, and since the waist line finished just under the bust, it made the wearer's legs long very long!

All of these photos were taken by Milena from I Love Wednesdays, and make up was done by Nat Biller.

I now sell my latest designs at the Rocks Markets, Sydney or you can buy Penelope Red online. To find out more information, please visit the Penelope Red website.

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