Friday, February 25, 2011

Creating the new Autumn Collection Part 4: The Assymetric Black Silk Emilie Blouse

One of the very latest Penelope Red designs has been handmade from a black silk, and a stunning vintage metallic braid. Above you can see me cutting the silk out. I decided to create this design on the bias- so the fabric moulds and falls around the body.

The neckline is assymetrical. When I think of Egyptian costumes, for some reason a one shoulder number jumps out at me. I wanted to create a blouse that had a one-shoulder feel to it, but you could still easily wear a bra with. The metallic braid has that eastern look, and a little Klimt included as well! The colours in the braid are very bright, and they include: purple, bright blue, gold, and brown.

Above I am sewing the braid onto the silk. The photos truly do not do the braid any justice... it looks ten times better in real life.

And here are a few snap shots of the blouse- not professional photos, but at least the show you the idea. I am very happy with this blouse... very different to anything I have created before, but still very elegant!

This blouse looks great tucked into a high waisted pair of pants too! (more on those at a later stage!)

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  1. Hi Penelope, Wow you have been busy, the new blouse looks beautiful, just gorgeous fabric and styling, I love it and think lots of customers will too. Hope you haven't been up all night sewing! can't wait to see it close up, bet it feels fabulous on!take care. luv Lorelle