Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Customer Photos!

One of my customers has been very kind to give me a copy of a few photos from her trip to New Zealand. She wore a few of my designs while she was there, including the Liberty Flowers Wool Jacket Bolero as seen above.

Above, the Vesper Kimono and below the Kir Royale Halter.

I am so thrilled to see people wearing my designs! One time I hope to be walking down the road, and I bump into someone wearing my work, and I can tell them that I made that!

Above, Leanne, Lorelle and I had dinner at the Spanish Fly (Spanish Restaurant) a few months ago. I really like this photo as we are all so happy, and we are wearing our Penelope Red! Leanne wears the Pop Dress, I wear the Venus Floral Bolero and Lorelle wears the Caipirinha Y-Bar Top.

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  1. Hi Penelope, Once again it is so great to see some photo's of your previous designs along with some new shots of us wearing your designs while having fun going to dinner with you and also travelling in NZ, I love wearing your divine creations and hope you get to bump into Penelope Red customers while out on the town. Keep up the amazing creations which we all love. take care luv Lorelle