Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ms. Red Flashback part 8: photos of my previous work

This was the first ever professional photo shoot that featured my Penelope Red designs. It was so exciting to see my designs come alive in front of the camera, and it gave me the confidence to start dreaming BIG!

The designs featured in this collection are a part of "The Red Sun Collection", which can be found on the Penelope Red Website.

I am currently organising another shoot for the Spring/Summer Collection for 2011-2012, and it is nice to look back and see where the Penelope Red photo shoots started.

I was lucky to work with some very talented people in this shoot:

Photography: Milena from I Love Wednesdays
MUA: Nat Biller Make Up
Model: Amy Lyn Cage

The designs included in this collection:

Photo 1- Coral Kimono

Photo 2- Tokyo Sydney Wrap Around Catsuit in a floral print

Photo 3- Monet Printed Pleated Blouse & White Flared Shorts

Photo 4- Black on Black Bustier Top & Mint Blue Skies Skirt

Photo 5- Orange Floral Corset

Photo 6- Paris Bow Top

Photo 7- Vintage Printed Kimono

All of these designs have been sold out- of course- and I have created more exciting designs since. You can find more designs available to purchase in the Penelope Red Australian Dollar Big Cartel Online Shop or the American Dollar USD Etsy Online Shop.

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