Monday, August 30, 2010

Autumn and Winter Designs 2010

Over the last weekend, I had some free time, and I already had make up on, so I thought I might as well take some photos of my most recent Autumn/Winter designs. I had been dying to get some decent photos, and I am quite pleased with these images below...

The Black Latin Bolero, available in US sizes 4, 6 and 8 or AU sizes 8, 10 and 12. You can take a look at the making of the Black Latin Bolero on the blog here.

The Black Rose Jade Dress, made from a stretchy rayon elastane knit, in a very bright Jade greeny-blue colour. This is available in US sizes 4 to 12 (or AU sizes 8 to 16). I hand applique black lace around the neck and shoulder, as this brings the eye up to that area and frames your face. I LOVE this colour!

The Liberty Flowers Wool Bolero
... such a gorgeous fabric! Take a look at the details of the Liberty fabric on the blog here.

The Liberty Flowers Wool Bolero Jacket is available in US size 8 and 10 or AU size 12 and 14. I only had enough fabric to make 3 copies of this, and the US size 6 is already sold.

The White Rose Navy Blue Dress is perfect for an occasion or to wear for "just because". I like the idea of the Navy Blue being a bit different to black. Everyone sells black dresses, but not too many sell Navy Blue, so this is perfect for me. It really is an elegant and feminine style, while not being too "over-the-top".

This is available in US sizes 4 to 12 or AU sizes 8 to 16.

All of these styles above have been handmade by myself, and are available in the Penelope Red Etsy Shop Online.

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