Monday, November 21, 2011

The Red Flora Fashion Parade Video

I am very excited to show to you the video of the Red Flora Fashion Parade! The parade took place during one night only in September, and it was the very first ever of its kind for Penelope Red. I finally feel like my Penelope Red designs are going somewhere!

The video, created very kindly by David Tan-Lu, highlights the latest Spring and Summer designs from Penelope Red, however, because I make very limited edition designs of everything, I am currently creating more- as some of the designs in the parade have already sold out!

It was a fantastic night of fashion, glamour, and shopping, and the video is the best way to see exactly what happened. You can watch the video of the parade above or watch the Penelope Red first ever fashion parade on youtube here.

Take a look at photos from the parade on the blog here:

or the website here:

The models featured in the parade are Monique Keenan-Norton, Olivia Stiefel, Deedee and Irina from BGM models.

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