Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Fabrics for Autumn Winter Collection 2012

Since the upcoming Penelope Red Autumn/Winter Collection will be inspired by Picasso artworks and Ballet Russe costumes, you can imagine that there will be a lot of decoration, embellishment and decadence! I can't wait!

The images included in this posting show some of the fabrics I am planning to use in this collection.

I have been very lucky to obtain quite a few vintage fabrics.

-Photo 1: a vintage organza with a squiggle lined texture, and a red wool blend
-Photo 2: a vintage 100% wool check, and a cream stretch lace
-Photo 3: a vintage pleated organza in black, and a silver, black, cream and brown jacquard.

The above photo shows two wool blended fabrics that I will be blending together to make a design- the colours look amazing together!

Above, shows a black and blue jacquard, and a vintage red fringed metallic fabric- this fabric will be a real challenge to use, but i am looking forward to seeing what I can come up with!

I will be using a collection of vintage buttons, that have been handed down to me from my husband's family. Most of these buttons have come from Russia, so they will fit nicely in this theme!

Below is a brand new lace which I just simply LOVE! It is such a statement and very dramatic- so I had to have it for this collection!

I can't wait to start designing the new designs! They will be gradually created over the Summer break, and I will try to post my work-in-progress photos as I go.


  1. Hi Penny, lovin the Red with the black sciggle a circle skirt would be amazing and lovin the silver with the black, can see a dress from that one hey! count me in for a winter dress too sweetie, its very exciting bet your head is spinning, talk soon luv loz xx

  2. I am going crazy with ideas... I can't wait to start! will fill you in with more as I go!