Friday, October 29, 2010

The Cosmopolitan Blue Bow Tie Pants

I am very proud of this pant design, the Cosmopolitan Blue Bow Tie Pants...I have always loved flared pants, and I have in previous years sold quite a few. I always found that no matter what I did, it was always hard to fit everyone though. Each women's hip to waist area is so different in length and width that making a fitted pair of pants with a zip and tight waistband was very hard to sell.

So when it came to creating these pants, I wanted to do something completely different! I wanted these pants to be high waisted (not hipster like my past pant creations), and I started thinking about using elastic... the only problem was I didn't like the look of a gather waist on pants.

The Cosmopolitan Blue Bow Tie Pants is pictured above with the Martini Bright Stripe Blouse, and below with the Venus Floral Bolero.

So, I decided to make a flat centre front waist band, then hide the elasticated waistband with an oversized bow that tied around the waist! The elastic means that it has room to expand or retract where needed, and it also means a much more comfortable fit. In fact my customers are usually very surprised by how comfortable this design is!

So the fit problem is solved, they are super comfortable, and the bow gives it that "Penelope Red panache" that I always want in every single item of my designs.

The reason why I decided to make it in this bright blue colour is mainly because everyone else sells black pants. I always say that i can't compete on price, but what I can compete on is individuality- tell me, how many shops sell bright blue pants?

I designed these pants to make your legs look elongated. The pin tucks that have been applied to the front, together with the high waist create the illusion of length. I have seen a lady who was about 5 foot tall try them on, and even she was surprised by how tall they made her look.

The Cosmopolitan Blue Bow Tie Pants is pictured above with the Caipirinha Y-Bar Top and below with the Strawberry Daiquiri Blouse.

I make these pants to fit, with the desired length. I personally wear mine with heels, but a few customers have opted for flats. I can also make them with out the bow, and just place extra belt keepers so a belt can be worn with them instead.

The fabric is a very soft 100% rayon. I have washed my pants twice so far, and they are the ones used in the photographs- so the colour stays.

The Cosmopolitan Blue Bow Tie Pants is pictured above with the Aqua Paisley Blouse.

The pants are also available in a bright red, the Cosmopolitan Red Bow Tie Pants.

You can buy these pants and other Penelope Red designs online in the Penelope Red etsy shop here.

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