Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Photos from the Summer Fashion Showcase Parade

In September, The Rocks Markets held a Spring and Summer Fashion Showcase parade, and some Penelope Red designs were featured. You can watch the video from the Summer fashion showcase here and the following photos are from this event.

The first two photos show the Cosmopolitan Red Bow Tie Pants, and Martini Bright Stripe Blouse. More on the Martini Bright Stripe blouse can be viewed on the blog here.

How to feel instantly like a million dollars: wear the Manhattan Bright Satin Catsuit. It looks like so much fun on the catwalk! Every time I try on a catsuit, I feel like cranking up the dance music and going to a club with my friends!

The Tokyo/Sydney Catsuit is a crowd favourite- a design that I am very proud of, and it was also used in all of the advertisement for this parade event. You may recognise it from the posters, flyers etc, and it was even on the 'Grazia' website!

I love this outfit! It suits the model so well, and is such a fun outfit- The Tequila Sunrise Spot Halter Top, and Pina Colada Green Shorts.

The Pink Singapore Sling Kimono is such a versatile top, and made from a beautiful printed cotton. A very stunning print! It is worn with the Mojito Metallic Mini Skirt.

The Purple Floral Corset Dress is a very feminine and elegant style- perfect for many occasions.

I will be adding the rest of my latest spring/summer designs to the Penelope Red etsy shop over the next few weeks.

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