Monday, October 25, 2010

Kiran's Sari-Inspired Wedding Dress, Part 2: East meets West

After more than 30 hours of hand sewing, 6 metres of hand beaded Sari, 5 metres of bright Pink Silk Dupion, 5 metres of blue silk lining, 3 metres of silk organza, and countless pins, threads and patience, I give you... Kiran's Sari Inspired Wedding Dress!

(Above, a photo of the back at the unfinished stage- I still needed to finish the hem and hand applique the sari beading onto the pink silk)

(above, the dress before I had hand appliqued the beading. This is at the 2nd fitting stage)

In August I started to show you the Sari Inspired Wedding Dress I was making for Kiran. Take a look at Part 1 here.

(above, the design at the unfinished stage- before the handsewing hand been started. You can see the over-skirt made from most of the sari)

I have now completed the design, and Kiran's wedding was on during the past weekend, so I can show you all the finished design! I intend to include professional photos from the photographer at the wedding, but until I can get a copy, my little snap shots will have to do!

I am also aiming to create a video of the making of this dress- as there is so much work involved, and photos will not really cut it!

For now, I have included below a few photos that I took during the making of this design. It truly is one of most favourite creations, and I am very proud to share it with you!

Cutting out the pink silk dupion for the dress and overskirt edge, and below: sewing the sari chiffon to the pink silk.

Above, the centre back. I created this beautiful shape, being inspired by the shape of the sari beading. I wanted the centre back to be a focus and create lots of interest. Later on, I decided to place one of the Sari beaded motif's in this area.

Above, unpicking the beading. Every place where there was a seam, or where the beading finished at an edge, I would need to unpick the beading and catch all the loose threads. People don't generally realise that as soon as you include beaded fabric to a design, the time taken to finish it is at least doubled because of this.

Below, the beautiful beaded design of the sari- this part of the sari was appliqu├ęd around the bust area on the corset dress and at the centre back of the train.

A picture of the overskirt before I started to add any of the beaded trim.

Creating the corset which sits inside the dress.

Above, finishing off the inside of the overskirt- the inside must be as neat as the outside!

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