Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ursula's Mint Green Bolero Jacket

I love it when a design comes together and I am reluctant to sell it- it means I am very happy with it! This bolero was a custom order for a lady in Germany, named Ursula. She tried on my Black Latin Bolero, but I had run out of fabric and couldn't make it in her size.

After a while, we both decided that this mint green wool/mohair would be a great option for the cropped jacket instead. I appliqued the cream lace onto the mint green fabric, just like I had done with the black latin bolero.

Little buttons and loops fasten the front which meets edge to edge.

I lined this bolero with cream silk satin, and green silk- I love these two fabrics together!

The lace has been applied to the sleeve aswell.

I received some feedback from Ursula yesterday:

"Thank u much !! It feels comfortable , fits perfect , looks wonderful!!! Keep the measurements!!
Thanks again. Your fan in Germany"

It is always nice to hear that my designs have reached their owners, and that they are enjoying them! It makes all the work worthwhile in the end and puts a smile on my face all day!


  1. hi penny this is so gorgeous, hope you sell more love it, such style and class. cheers Lorelle x

  2. Hi Lorelle,

    yes, this bolero style is a very classic and sophisticated look. Ursula plans to wera it to a dinner dunction- so I am sure it will go well there! xx Penelope