Thursday, June 16, 2011

Outfit Time: Dinner with Friends on Thurday, 9th June

I can't help but want to wear this top, The Black and Cream Isis Blouse, and the skirt, the Nile Skirt, whenever I go out these days. It makes me feel very glamorous and yet is still quite a very comfortable outfit!

We were going out to dinner with friends on this night, and since I stay home all day working on my designs, I like to always get dressed up in my Penelope Red when I go out.

I love the sepia effect I did on the first photo- for some reason "the sepia effect" just called out to me when editing this shot. Pity about all the stuff going on in the background, but you get the idea! A little old fashioned meets modern fun!

1. Hat- from my trip to Scotland!

2. Top- The black and Cream Isis Blouse, a Penelope Red design.

3. Skirt- The Nile Skirt, another Penelope Red design.

4. Gloves- Cream w black detailing gloves from Forever New.

I am also wearing a necklace, made by myself, Leona Edmiston fishnet stockings, and black high heel pumps.


  1. Hi Penny, you certainly know how to dress! true glamour, love it, looking forward to the new designs and glad your now well enough to go out xx

  2. Hi Lorelle, thanks for encouragement- I must remember to take more of these photos- but I forget! I will be dreaming up plenty of "going out" outfits for summer too!