Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Behind the scenes: Penelope Red Autumn Photo Shoot part 3

The following photos are a few more behind the scenes images from our photo shoot day for The Red Queen Collection! You can take a look at the previous postings of other behind the scenes photos here and here.

Above Chris and Lucy are creating the hair and make up for Monica's look!

Lucy P. in the Nephthys Black and White Silk Blouse and Monica in the Cleopatra Deco Gold Sequinned Top.

Make up artist, Lucy, applying fake eye lashes to Mariene. I loved Lucy's quote of the day: "More is more!"- we all agreed!

Above, Lucy P. wearing the Spinx Orange Blouse and the Hathor Olive Pants.

Above, Bryn, from BlueDoorsStudios is taking the group shot of the girls together. It takes a lot of work to get this shot looking its best- as you not only need to get the correct lighting, but all of the girl looking thier best at the exact same time!

the stunning jewellery pieces we borrowed from Shirley- a designer at The Rocks Markets. These are actually necklaces, but for some reason, they just felt so right to become head pieces!

The beautiful Mariene modeling the Olive Silk and Antique Lace Mermaids Dress.

More designs will be added to the Penelope Red shop online in Australian Dollars and American Dollars over the next few weeks. Some designs are already added!

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