Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Custom Order: A Handmade Emerald Green and Bright Blue Silk Kimono

I was looking for some time to compose this post about this fabulous custom ordered green and blue silk kimono, and now that my bub has woken up with teething woes, and is desperately wanting a cuddle, it seems the perfect time to start! I think I sometimes live a double life! Fashion designer in one life, mother and wife in another! 

I just finished hand beading this kimono design last night, and Leanne only picked it up today- so it's hot off the press! Leanne was sweet enough to model it for me in these pics so I could show it off.

Leanne has purchased quite a few of my cotton kimonos, and its one of her favourite styles. She had asked me for a more evening wear type of kimono, and after discussion we decided on this gorgeous emerald green vintage silk. 

The green silk in the main body of the kimono features a dark blue floral print, so I decided to use a bright blue silk for the sleeve, then blue vintage rik rak braid,  and blue sequins to give it that finishing touch!

As with all my kimonos it's the pleating of the fabric that really makes my Penelope Red kimonos stand out... And it's unfortunate that you can never see it in the photos. Each kimono uses around 2 to 2.5 metres of fabric due to the pleating  and how it has been cut. 

I have handmade so many kimonos since starting my Penelope Red fashion designs. Each one has been unique or at least made into a select few. It's quite fun for me to imagine just how far some of my unique designs travel. In its life time, I wonder how far this kimono will go?!

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