Thursday, August 29, 2013

Recent Outfits

Here are a few outfits I have worn recently. Whenever I go out I only ever wear my Penelope Red fashion designs, the reason being I believe in my own style! I started Penelope Red because I would always receive comments on what I was wearing (and it was always my designs!), and I am never satisfied with fit/style/quality of others. 

I can be seen around the local parks quite often in my daggy mummy clothes, but just because I am a mum doesn't mean I can't dress up a little when I want to! So here is some Mum fashion for you...

All of the designs I am wearing in the photos above are my Penelope Red designs. You can see more designs in the Penelope Red online shop... Follow the links on the right column.

1 comment:

  1. Hi sweetie, loving the blog and pics of your fabulous designs, you never look daggy or mummsie, just stylish, glad your enjoying your designs because we do too! xxx loz