Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Making of Lorelle's Black and Purple Wool Jacket

Recently I created a custom order for Lorelle. She wanted a black and Purple wool jacket in the shape of the Pallas Athene Wool Jacket style.

I thought it would be best to have less of the purple, and more of the black, since it would therefore be wearable for more seasons and be able to wear with more designs.

We chose a stunning blue, black and purple floral brocade to team with the black, then I added a purple satin piping in between the two main fabrics. This is the making of this custom order jacket...

Cutting the fabric out neatly and precisely!

As well as cutting the brocade- see how it shimmers in the light!

Creating the piping involves many steps- first cutting the fabric into bias strips, and sewing them together.

Attaching the interfacing to the wool pieces, and then I start to sew the pieces together.

Once the binding is one long strip, I then wrap it around the cord, and sew as clse to the cord as possible to create the piping.

Above, the piping has been inserted between the fabrics, and I need to clip and trim the layers so they all sit nicely.

The back body piece of the jacket is shown above, before I insert the brocade and piping.

Sewing the brocade to the black fabric with the piping in between- not as easy as it sounds!

The jacket with the piping and brocade attached, before I sew the lining onto it. (above)

The back of the jacket- it was very difficult to get the piping and brocade around those corners!

Getting the sleeve ready to be attached.

Now I am starting to sew the lining pieces together.

Inside the sleeve and shoulder I place a shoulder pad, a sleeve head roll, and many pieces of interfacing, so they all must be neatly sewn and steamed.

Attaching the sleeve to the body of the jacket.

I decided that the jacket would look best with a little extra piping, so I did this along the neckline.

The jacket has been finished, and now I hope I can get a few extra shots of Lorelle wearing the coat, so I can show it off to all of you!


  1. Hi Penelope, Oh wow, you are amazing, it looks so good but very complicated, your so clever. I am very happy with it, it is gorgeous and I got to wear it on saturday night to the party. Must take a photo of it next time I wear it so you can see. love it love it love it. Take care and have a good day. cheers and luv lorelle xx

  2. Excellent! So happy you wore it! Did you get many comments? What did people say?

  3. Yep! it was wow! what a beautiful jacket and is that your clever friend again and i said yes it is her and isn't she just wonderful, oh yes they said.

  4. I have always said you and Leanne are my best ambassadors!